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PETG 3D Printing Service

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PETG Premium

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What is PETG?

Fused Deposition Modeling [FDM]

It is the polymerization

addition to the raw Polyethylene terephthalate polymer. The glycol makes it more heat resistant and improves other physical properties—this helps create better products that are easy to

bend and mold.

PETG is a glycolic

polymer that is used in additive manufacturing. It is a thermoplastic material and very environmentally friendly as compared to the regular PVC material. It can be recycled entirely, and the filaments are widely used in 3D Printing. If you are not familiar with the word

PETG yet, you must know PET.

It is the glycolic

form of that plastic polymer. In 3D Printing, the extruder gets too hot, which makes it hard for some plastics, but as for PETG, it has excellent thermal stability,

which makes it ideal for the process.


PETG Premium



Lead Time 3 days, Low-cost, good quality


Print layers are likely to be visible

PETG Premium

Color & Finishes

White, Black, Red, Blue


Supported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm
Unsupported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm

Design Guidelines

Bounding Box Max
300 x 300 x 400 mm


Download Datasheet

Parts in File

Up to 460 parts accepted


Accuracy  0.50 mm + 0.5%

For example: a product with dimensions of 50x50x100 mm can be ±0.5% with a lower limit of ±050 mm (±0.020″) bigger or smaller in any direction.

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