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Now you don’t have to spend hours with your supplier to know the cost of each part before booking your order.

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Upload  3D Parts and see where to fix them.

Build your quote as you wish, and then edit it according to your budget. You can compare the prices of different methods and materials, which will allow you to choose the ones you desire.

At the end of all of this process, you will get an instant price estimation.


It's time to join the 3D Printing Service revolution! With additive manufacturing, innovative designers can skip lengthy prototyping cycles and take advantage of a high-quality product in a matter of hours.

Plus, it doesn't cost a fortune to get your hands on this revolutionary technology - just compare the number of layers needed for AM with conventional processes, and you'll see how much money you'll save while being conscious about sustainability.

Binder Jetting 17-4 PH

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You can easily order two albums at once. You can also upload additional files so that you can get pictures from the site.

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Upload and edit one 3D File at a time to make a 3D version of anything. Uploading and editing are ways to get around the global 3D world map.

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Now getting a quote for your 3D product is as easy as 123. You will go through the page designs; you will upload your model or choose from many options provided.

After that, you will mention the size and material for your 3D product. You will instantly get a price quote for it and all the shipping details. 

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X: 66.14
Y: 71.15
Z: 150.00
Volume: 235051.25mm/3
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Machine, or Material.

Placing the order is very easy. We have a step-by-step process for it so that any person who has no experience can easily navigate and place the order.

You will have to first upload the image for the 3D model you are going to get. After that, you will select the process for it, the product's size, material to use, and color.

Add any other details, if any, and viola, you have placed your instant quote.

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Choose the technology or method to be used in making them. The price will be updated right then as you choose.

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Select the time when you need it.

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You can retain the quote for later or go directly to manufacturing.

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From the prototyping of the 3D print to the final production, you can get price estimation. An instant price will be given when you will upload the products or parts with the technology.

Even the prices of bulk quantities used as raw material can be found instantly.

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Optimized Costs Of Intricate Designs
17-4 Stainless steel

Some of the designs and details are hard to achieve by one process. There are many different alternative techniques in 3D printing which might cost lesser to achieve those intricate details.

By the FDM technology, you can detect which process provides better details at competitive prices. An instant price quote for each method will give you a better idea.

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Payment Options

Another benefit is that you get to choose your payment option. There are many different options for you once you have made your quote.

The main two options after you have selected the payment method are instant payment or pay later. If you decide to pay it all at once, it will be displayed next to your quote on this page. Even in the pay later option, you have to pay some in advance, and then you can see the production progress and pay accordingly. Your quotes and payments are fully encrypted.

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From production to shipping, each of the steps is there updated. You can monitor your order and its manufacture details. This helps in building customer trust, and we also keep a record of the orders.

IP Protection

IP protection is what most people are worried about when it comes to 3D printing because we get orders in which we have to copy the original design precisely. To ensure that our company is not accused of any such infringement, we have legal rights for the manufacture. Our company holds IP protection rights for its products as well, so they are protected and run by a secure team at the back end.

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