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3DMitech LTD

3DMITECH LTD is a 3D printing service company specialising in prototyping 3D Objects and 3D Printing. We are an industrial service supplier that assists companies with 3D printing on demand.

3DMITECH LTD  - Registered in England & Wales Company Number 12323542 

Unit 402, Solent Business Centre, Millbrook Rd W, Southampton SO15 0HW

Our Core Qualities

3D Design 3DMitech LTD provides 3D printing on demand, which ensures your production runs are optimized. You have the ultimate power to uplift your operations and meet the output you desire.

Our services push the boundaries and let you explore the unlimited boundaries. Our team of experts is efficient in framing your vision into reality. 

Cost-efficiency The main benefit of 3D printing is cost efficiency, as manufacturers do not need to re-aligned the production procedures to develop a new product. 

Why choose us 3D printing is a modern technique that is based on manufacturing three-dimensional structures through an additive method.

The rapid prototyping and vast demand for 3D printing have exposed it to various vulnerabilities.

HP Multi Jet Fusion [MJF]
HP Multi Jet Fusion [MJF]

Online 3D Printing Service UK

Is your .stl, obj file ready? Great! Simply upload it with our .stl, obj 3D file upload service and you can have quotations in seconds. No need to wait for designs to be finished - get instant quotes on the things that are ready now.

Upload your CAD files, Receive your customized custom Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing quote. Choose from a variety of process materials to suit your needs.

Your Parts
Are Made To Order

3DMITECH LTD - On Demand Manufacturing is a fast solution that offers to produce parts in a time of up to 24 hours. It can be used to build a prototype or to confirm the design models of your 3D print.

Upload CAD file

On 3D printing, we offer instant onscreen quotation with automated analysis and repair when you upload your 3D files of your detailed 3D print. STL and OBJ files are all accepted for product development


Confirm specifications, including material selection, color preferences, and any additional requirements.


We 3D Print It, Your order will be completed in its entirety, and your components will be placed in our production line, ready to be produced.

Delivery of your order

With our next-day delivery service, you'll receive your unique 3D printed item at your Business the next day.

Upload now with our easy-to-use interface.

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