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6 Stirring 3D Printing Technologies That Developed In the Last One Year

Here Are A Few Most Emerging, 3D Printing Technologies That Developed In The Last Year In This Blog ,The 3D printing industry is burgeoning at a very high rate.

3D Printing Technology3D Printing Technology

There is a new 3D printing technology developed every other day. There have been many tests going on them, and some of the best ones come forth to the market.

MELD Manufacturing’s 3D Printing Technology

selective laser melting
The MELD process [Image credit: MELD Manufacturing]

MELD Manufacturing Company has come up with a unique 3D printing technology. It involves the molding of the solid material into required shapes without heating or melting the material. It only uses friction and pressure in the manufacture.

A great thing about it is that it does not use a specific container, so you can make the product as big as you want. The only limitation is that the process is quite expensive.

HP’s Metal Jet

3d printers

HP is already a well-known company in 2D printing, and now it has ventured into 3D printing with its unique 3D Metal jet printer. The 3D technology used is Binder jetting.

In this process, powdered metal is spread onto a flat surface from an inkjet. The layers fall on adhesive, and they stick to each other. It is then heated to make the final product firm.

You have got the answer to "what is 3D printing?" by now. But a complete understanding of anything requires insights into its working and all the processes involved.

EOS’s LaserProFusion 3D Printing Technology

selective laser sintering sls
EOS’s LaserProFusion technology uses one million diode lasers to enable faster SLS 3D printing [Image credit: EOS]

It is the most anticipated 3D printing technology so far. It is being developed for the last eight years and all set to launch in 2021. It uses a million diode lasers, which will make the end product very precise and neat. It will work ten times faster than the usual ones.

This EOS technology is similar to the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which also uses the laser for contouring.

Essentium’s High-Speed Extrusion

fused deposition modeling fdm
Essentium’s HSE is claimed to be the fastest extrusion technology available today [Image credit: Essentium]

It is the fastest extrusion method for 3D printing. It works on the technique of fused filament fabrication. The good thing about this 3D printing technology is that the print head moves very fast, which results in more layers in less time, and the heating technology used is the most efficient.

It has also solved the problem of Z-axis alignment and energy heating system, making it a benchmark for all extrusion type technologies.

Farsoon’s Flight 3D Printing Technology

selective laser sintering sls
A batch of parts 3D printed using Farsoon’s Flight Technology [Image credit: Farsoon]

Farsoon’s Flight is a similar technology to SLS 3D printing technology. The technique is the same as Selective Laser Sintering SLS, but the laser now used is a fiber laser in place of a CO2 laser.

It delivers more power as the laser spot is smaller and, in turn, increases the power density. It is undoubtedly a step forward in this technology.

Fortify’s Fluxprint Technology

It is by far the most exciting one among the others. It uses a magnetic field to regulate the alignment of the fibers. The magnetic flux is created worldwide and applied where the fibers or layers need to be aligned.

additive manufacturing
Fortify’s Fluxprint technology combines SLA technology and magnets to 3D print very strong parts [Image credit: Fortify]

It also uses a laser which will cure the first layer, and then another layer is laid on it. The magnetic field aligns the layers.  It will be launched in the market in a few months.

Final Words

3D printing technologies are very diverse with a handful of different methods. With the current pace, it is foreseen that it will go a long way. These few were our top picks in the recent technologies.

Author Team 3DMITECH LTD

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