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We're replacing old obsolete old processes with advanced technology that allows us to eliminate them. Automated Engineering tools allow you to minimize development cycles and increase speed.

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Is your .stl, obj file ready? Great! Simply upload it with our .stl, obj 3D file upload service and you can have quotations in seconds. No need to wait for designs to be finished - get instant quotes on the things that are ready now.

Upload your CAD files, Receive your customized custom Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing quote. Choose from a variety of process materials to suit your needs.

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3DMITECH LTD - On Demand Manufacturing is a fast solution that offers to produce parts in a time of up to 24 hours. It can be used to build a prototype or to confirm the design models of your 3D print.

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On 3D printing, we offer instant onscreen quotation with automated analysis and repair when you upload your 3D files of your detailed 3D print. STL and OBJ files are all accepted for product development


Confirm specifications, including material selection, color preferences, and any additional requirements.


We 3D Print It, Your order will be completed in its entirety, and your components will be placed in our production line, ready to be produced.

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Exclusive 3D
Printing Materials

3D Printing Service materials are ideal for the global network. We have the perfect substance for every situation, with affordable prices that won't destroy your budget!

Selective Laser Sintering [SLS]

Stereolithography (SLA) starts with a vat of liquid photopolymer or resin that is cured by a digital light source as it repeats this process to build parts layer by layer.

Stereolithography [SLA]

Stereolithography (SLA) starts with a vat of liquid photopolymer or resin that is cured by a digital light source as it repeats this process to build parts layer by layer.

Fused Deposition Modeling [FDM]

17-4 PH is precipitation-hardened stainless steel renowned for its hardness and corrosion resistance. It has significantly higher tensile strength and yield power but has much less elongation at break than 316L.

Final pieces built 17-2 PH receive vacuum solution heat treatment along with H900 age treatments. 17-3 PH is a full-purpose stainless steel variant built on 316L.

Our Possibilities For 3D Printing


We deliver FDM 3D Printing Services to UK clients. Our only problem with this is your CAD files! .stl file or .obj file and in the next few minutes you will see 3d images. Print quotations. We are committed to providing prototyping services at a cost-effective cost.

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Save up to 20% with batch orders!

Ordering multiple parts together in batches comes with its perks! Enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 35% when you opt for batch orders.

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Hyper Speed

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Introducing New Hyper PLA-CF is suitable for the most demanding applications like UAVs, aircraft models, joints and drives.

Hyper PLA-CF


It's time to join the 3D Printing Service revolution! With additive manufacturing, innovative designers can skip lengthy prototyping cycles and take advantage of a high-quality product in a matter of hours.

Plus, it doesn't cost a fortune to get your hands on this revolutionary technology - just compare the number of layers needed for AM with conventional processes, and you'll see how much money you'll save while being conscious about sustainability.


It's easy to see why 3D Printing Services  is the future of product development. There are no minimum purchase requirements, and you may start with as little as £10 per model!

Material cost is an important step in the process of 3D printing service.

Materials can vary greatly based on the form of extrusion used, how many layers are needed, and the type of material properties.

Can I upload STL files with different components in one file?

If you send different parts in one STL file, we will print them separately.

What are the benefits of Functional Prototypes at 3DMITECH?

A functional prototype or end use is the best way to present your idea to the market and get feedback from customers. You can also use it for R&D purposes.

How do you turn my bits into an actual product?

3D printed parts end use are supported by injection moulding plastics or metal dies during production. You can also order according to your demand.

How do I store my CAD files on your cloud?

You can store your files in our online 3D printing service storage with privacy settings so you only allow the necessary access.

What Is 3D Print Metal?

In 3D printing Service is the most heavily invested technology in the industry of manufacture. This is mainly used in aerospace, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, special materials and more.

In some instances, post processing 3D printed pieces of material in metal come out just as easily as machined parts. You will discover the easiest questions about 3D. Printing to metal includes the main technologies benefits/limits etc.

The answers to these asks contain the main technology, the benefits, limitations and many other things about the use of metals in metal additive manufacturing. For details on print metal fabrication, check this guide.

Find out more on our blog What Is 3D Print Metal?

Injection moulding

We can also send the finished project to Injection Molding in the UK

Find out more at the number ‭07983 352412‬

How do we ensure that our 3D prints are of the highest quality?

We have our own in-house 3D printers machine , UK based which is very accurate, takes about 6 hours to print a high-quality model.

Our low-volume manufacturing process is quick, precise, and cost-effective.

How long does it take to get my 3D prints ready after I upload my model?

A CAD print-ready within 24 hours of depositing your order. You can choose how soon you want your files printed with our speedy next day delivery option.

Which materials are available for 3D Printing Elyria ?

We have a variety of filaments which include ABS, PLA, ASA, PC, Nylon 6 , TPU 92A etc. They are available in different colours too!

Do you offer a 3D printing service with full colour?

Yes, our 3D Printers machines can print in multiple colours before assembling them together for the final product.

This is done using the Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology.

Can I upload STL files with different components in one file?

If you send different parts in one STL file, we will print them separately.


Is an industrial 3D Printing Service delivering functional nylon prototypes and end use production parts as fast as 1 day.

The final components exhibit high-quality surface finish, fine details resolution and significantly superior mechanical properties when compared to SLS

Production parts with FDM, MJF, SLA & SLS. From 5-day lead times to Service UK

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Guide To Material For 3D Printing

3D printing service allows you to create and construct parts for any application quickly and inexpensively.

It all comes down to the materials you use, which allows you to fabricate parts with the required mechanical properties and function or appearance.

It covers a broad spectrum of common 3D plastic and steel parts. Every 3D printers has a limit on the material it can print with, so knowing your printer's limits is key to getting quality prints.

It all comes down to the materials you use, which allows you to fabricate parts with the required mechanical properties and function or appearance.

Find out more on our blog Guide To Material For 3D Printing service in FDM, SLA, and SLS printers


IP protection is what most people are worried about when it comes to 3D printing because we get orders in which we have to copy the original design precisely.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We uphold strict confidentiality by default for all customer communication, projects, and models. Should you prefer a formal agreement, we offer standard NDAs or can review your own. Your trust is our priority.

3D Design Creations.

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We Create New 3D Object

Define and we create your new project.
A 3D Object is mostly incomplete and requires a substantial attention before getting into the manufacturing process.

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