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We Use Powerful Automation
To Make 3D Printing Easy

We're replacing old obsolete old processes with advanced technology that allows us to eliminate them. Automated Engineering tools allow you to minimize development cycles and increase speed.

Our Possibilities For 3D Printing
Digital Light Processing
Stereolithography [SLA]
Binder Jetting
Binder Jetting
Selective Laser Sintering
Selective Laser Sintering [SLS]
HP Multi Jet Fusion
HP Mulit Jet Fusion

Exclusive 3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Service materials are ideal for the global network. We have the perfect substance for every situation, with affordable prices that won't destroy your budget!

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Is your .STL file ready? Great! Simply upload it with our 3D file upload service and you can have quotations in seconds. No need to wait for designs to be finished - get instant quotes on the things that are ready now.

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Why 3D printing?

Do not waste time assembling our products! Utilize 3D printing for complex shapes and sizes which can be molded in a single piece—or combined in a single build.  Get models back quick and 3D printer the following iterations when the need is needed

Your parts are made to order

3DMITECH LTD On Demand Manufacturing a fast solution offers to produce parts with a time of up to 24 hours. It can be used to build a prototype or to confirm the design models.

Step 1
Upload your parts

Upload Your Parts Online

We offer instant onscreen quotation with automated analysis and repair for 3D files. STL and OBJ files are all accepted.

Step 2

We 3D Print It

Your order will be completed in its entirety, and your components will be placed in our production line, ready to be produced.

custom parts
Step 3
custom parts

We ship it to you

With our next-day delivery service, you'll receive your unique 3D printed item at your home the very next day.

3D Printing Service

Delivered where and when you need them

3DMITECH LTD On Demand Manufacturing allows you to produce the highest quality parts in as little as 24 hours. It's useful for designing a prototype or verifying design models.

We have the best .stl file repair and file management software around. It's all so affordable! Ready to produce your right material.

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Choose From A Wide Range
Of 3D Printing Materials

Upload CAD files receive 3D printing quotations in seconds.

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Technology [BJT]

Technology [DLP]

Technology [MJF]

Technology [SLS]

Functional Prototypes

The best approach to turn an idea into a reality is to start by breaking things down and determining how each part might work together.

Give life to your product so you can give people a look at how it will work for them before you build the prototype with expensive materials.

The functional part lets you have complete control over what is being made, so there are no surprises when your prototype walks out of the office without telling anyone!

HP Multi Jet Fusion [MJF]


It's time to join the 3D Printing Service revolution! With additive manufacturing, innovative designers can skip lengthy prototyping cycles and take advantage of a high-quality product in a matter of hours.

Plus, it doesn't cost a fortune to get your hands on this revolutionary technology - just compare the number of layers needed for AM with conventional processes, and you'll see how much money you'll save while being conscious about sustainability.

Binder Jetting 17-4 PH

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Multiple Upload

You can easily order two albums at once. You can also upload additional files so that you can get pictures from the site.

Single Upload

Upload and edit one 3D File at a time to make a 3D version of anything. Uploading and editing are ways to get around the global 3D world map.

Our Services

Upload custom models for functional. high-performing 3D pieces. Take the guesswork out of manufacturing development with 3D printed prototypes for meetings, testings and perfection of final parts.

3D printed CAD models in a variety of materials for a low-cost way to turn your 2D design into a physical object.

Ready-to-manufacture 3D prints with one step production from raw material to final part.

3D Printing Service 3DMITECH's team is composed of engineers and designers who understand the market trends and how they can help you make your product or idea come alive.

Our Platform
3D Printing metal


It's easy to see why 3D Printing Service  is the future of product development. There are no minimum purchase requirements, and you may start with as little as £10 per model!

Material cost is an important step in the process of 3D printing service.

Materials can vary greatly based on the form of extrusion used, how many layers are needed, and the type of material properties.

Can I upload STL files with different components in one file?

If you send different parts in one STL file, we will print them separately.

What are the benefits of Functional Prototypes at 3DMITECH?

A functional prototype is the best way to present your idea to the market and get feedback from customers. You can also use it for R&D purposes.

How do you turn my bits into an actual product?

3D printed models are supported by injection-moulded plastics or metal dies during production. You can also order according to your demand.

How do I store my CAD files on your cloud?

You can store your files in our online storage with privacy settings so you only allow the necessary access.

How do we ensure that our 3D prints are of the highest quality?

We have our machine which is very accurate, takes about 6 hours to print a high-quality model.

Our low-volume manufacturing process is quick, precise, and cost-effective.

How long does it take to get my 3D prints ready after I upload my model?

A CAD print-ready within 24 hours of depositing your order. You can choose how soon you want your files printed with our speedy next day delivery option.

Which materials are available for 3D Printing Service State College, PA ?

We have a variety of filaments which include Nylon 12, Nylon 11, Ultracur3D® RG 35, Stainless Steel 17-4 PH etc. They are available in different colours too!

Do you offer a 3D printing service with full colour?

Yes, our machines can print in multiple colours before assembling them together for the final product.

This is done using the Nylon 12 [MJF]) technology.

Can I upload STL files with different components in one file?

If you send different parts in one STL file, we will print them separately.

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3D Design Creations.

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We Create New 3D Object

Define and we create your new project.
A 3D Object is mostly incomplete and requires a substantial attention before getting into the manufacturing process.

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