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Instant Quote - How does It work?

Instant Quote is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to quote their 3D models.
Not only does Instant Quote supply the best rates, they also take care of all the extra work and hassle!

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Now getting a quote for your 3D product is as easy as 123. You will go through the page designs; you will upload your model or choose from many options provided.

After that, you will mention the size and material for your 3D product. You will instantly get a price quote for it and all the shipping details. 

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X: 66.14
Y: 71.15
Z: 150.00
Volume: 235051.25mm/3
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1. Select A File

Selected File: Axis-3-4.stl

3. Select Material & Color

Select your desired material & style for this part.

4. Choose Options

Select any additional options that apply.

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Quote With Any Process,
Machine, or Material.

Placing the order is very easy. We have a step-by-step process for it so that any person who has no experience can easily navigate and place the order.

You will have to first upload the image for the 3D model you are going to get. After that, you will select the process for it, the product's size, material to use, and color.

Add any other details, if any, and viola, you have placed your instant quote.