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Nylon 3D Printing Service

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Nylon 6

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What is NYLON 6?

Fused Deposition Modeling [FDM]

3D Print

materials used for the replacement of functional moulded pieces with good corrosion tolerances. Nylon 6 and polyamide (PA) are thermoplastics characterized by good mechanical characteristics,

excellent chemical and abrasivability.

Nylon 6 is

part of the synthetic polyamide group known for high durability, strength and flexibility. This 3D printing materials are often used for variants of PA 12 and PA11, although some variations of PA 6 and PA 2220 are also

offered for printing 3D.

Besides nylon,

the material can also be reinforced to improve thermal or mechanical properties including strength or resiliency in abrasion. Because of outstanding mechanical features as well as strong chemical impacts and heat-resistant properties, 3D printed nylon is ideal for function and prototype parts.

Another good benefit is that it's relatively cheap to use.


Nylon 6



Lead Time 3 days, Low-cost, good quality


Print layers are likely to be visible

Nylon 6

Color & Finishes

Natural, Black


Supported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm
Unsupported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm

Design Guidelines

Bounding Box Max
300 x 300 x 400 mm


Download Datasheet

Parts in File

Up to 100 parts accepted


Accuracy  0.50 mm + 0.5%

For example: a product with dimensions of 50x50x100 mm can be ±0.5% with a lower limit of ±050 mm (±0.020″) bigger or smaller in any direction.

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