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FDM Flexible Filament TPU 92A

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What is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) 92A?

Fused Deposition Modeling [FDM]

TPU 92A (Polyurethane)

Flexible and resilient thermoplastic is excellent in the areas of elasticity and strength, making it ideal for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. TPU 92A thermoplastic polyurethane used to form flexible elastic materials. Modern extruders with a constrained filament path help prevent issues like filament buckling and stringing. These can be rolled into

plastic substrates for glasses and phones or laptop cases.

TPU 92A is a thermoplastic polymer,

with Shore-A values of 90. It is highly elongated, high toughness, strong durable and strong. FDM TPU 92A combines elastomer advantages with FDM 3D Print enabling quick production for large and complex elastomer parts. Generally applied are flexible hose and tube ducting and air sealing, covers and vibration dampeners. TPU 92A's flexible material properties make it suitable for various flexible materials applications. TPU 92A can create flexible parts that are elastic and highly durable. The unique combination of hard and soft segments in

TPU gives it distinctive properties.

Adjusting the print bed temperature

and print speed is crucial for successful 3D printing with TPU. Printing TPU involves specific challenges and techniques, such as slower print speeds and careful filament handling. TPU 92A's shock absorption capabilities and its nature as a soft material make it ideal for various applications. TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer, which contributes to its flexibility and durability. Proper storage and handling of tpu filament and tpu filaments are essential to prevent moisture absorption. TPU material is used in various industries due to its

durability, flexibility, and resistance to oil and abrasion.





Lead Time 3 days, Low-cost, good quality


Lead Time 3 days, Low-cost, good quality


Color & Finishes

White, Black, Red, Blue


Supported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm
Unsupported Wall Thickness Min
1.0 mm

Design Guidelines

Bounding Box Max
300 x 300 x 300 mm


Download Datasheet

Parts in File

Up to 150 parts accepted


Accuracy  0.50 mm + 0.5%

For example: a product with dimensions of 50x50x100 mm can be ±0.5% with a lower limit of ±050 mm (±0.020″) bigger or smaller in any direction.

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