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Carbon Fiber PAHT CF15

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Carbon Fiber PAHT CF15

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Carbon Fiber PAHT CF15

Fused Deposition Modeling [FDM]


boasts unparalleled mechanical properties, making it ideal for demanding applications where strength and durability are paramount. The incorporation of carbon fiber enhances the filament's tensile strength and modulus, resulting in printed parts that are incredibly robust and resistant to deformation. Whether you're prototyping industrial components or creating functional end-use parts, PAHT CF15

ensures reliability and longevity.

Chemical Resistance for Versatile Applications

PAHT CF15 isn't just strong – it's also highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including solvents, oils, and acids. This makes it the perfect choice for applications where exposure to harsh environments is unavoidable. Whether you're creating parts for automotive, aerospace, or industrial use, you can trust PAHT CF15 to withstand the toughest conditions and

maintain its integrity over time.

Unlock New Possibilities with PAHT CF15

From rapid prototyping to functional end-use parts, PAHT CF15 opens up a world of possibilities for your 3D printing projects. With its unparalleled combination of strength, stability, chemical resistance, and processability, this high-performance filament sets the standard for excellence in additive manufacturing. Elevate your creations to new heights with PAHT CF15 and

unleash the full potential of your imagination.

faster printer
Creality K1 - AI 600mm/s
Raice3D Pro3 150mm/s
Previous generation printer (baseline) 60mm/s
more Amp Designer plug-ins
Creality K1 - AI 600mm/s
Raice3D Pro3 150mm/s
Previous generation printer (baseline) 60mm/s
faster processing of well-threaded filters
Creality K1 - AI 600mm/s
Raice3D Pro3 150mm/s
Previous generation printer (baseline) 60mm/s
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Carbon Fiber PAHT CF15

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Material Properties

Young’s modulus (X-Y)

8386 MPa / 1216 ksi

Tensile strength (X-Y)

103.2 MPa / 15.0 ksi

Elongation at break (X-Y)

2.9 ± 0.8 %

Impact strength

4.8 ± 3.9 KJ/m2


Supported Wall Thickness Min
0.2 mm
Unsupported Wall Thickness Min
0.2 mm

A supported wall is connected at least on two sides of the wall, while an unsupported wall is connected only on one side of the wall.

Walls that do not meet the minimum requirements may not survive printing and cleaning processes. Additionally, models may still be rejected based on the wall geometry of the model.

Please consider the size of your model and reinforce the walls or add support structures as needed as minimum guidelines will not always be adequate for large models.

Parts in File

Up to 100 parts accepted

Design Guidelines

Bounding Box
Bounding Box Max
300 x 300 x 300 mm
Bounding Box Min
7x7x2 (mm)

The bounding box is a 3D imaginary outline of a box that encloses the smallest area occupied by your model.

Your model must be within the minimum and maximum bounding box sizes. If the size of the model is close to the maximum bounding box, then the printing orientation will be restricted.


Accuracy +/-0.25 mm + 0.1%

For example: a product with dimensions of 50x50x100 mm can be 0.15 mm + 0.0015*100 mm = 0.3 mm bigger or smaller in any direction.

Carbon Fiber PAHT CF15

Strengths - Exceptional chemical resistance, Heat resistant up to 150°C, Provides, strong and stiff parts, Maintains high dimensional stability Easy to process with low moisture absorption

Weaknesses - Minimal visible print layer lines for a polished finish.

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