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Modern 3D printing

regardless of its technology, is an inherently one-colour manufacturing method. If the maker wants to produce vivid colour patterns or live detail they may feel like an obstruction.

Full-Color 3D PrintingFull-Color 3D Printing

But there might be options! In this article, we'll discuss the basic ways to printer multicolour 3D designs from the most simple to the most complicated techniques.

There are certain ways to print multicolour objects out of one filament or use two or more different filaments in the same print job. Before we start discussing these techniques it's important to know that only da Vinci 1.0 AiO colour is capable of printing with multiple filaments at the same time.


3D printing is a technology that began in 2005 yet already offers many design solutions. Direct-color 3D printing involves a filament that contains a colour. Direct colour printing uses colour from an external source.

Da Vinci Color

da vinci color mini
[image from xyzprinting.com]

Da Vinci Color 3D printers use a colourless absorbent PLA filament that can be mixed to colour. The machine has a print volume of 120 x 150 mm and a maximum rate of 250 mm/cm. The device is equipped with a sensor end filament, the ability to stop and continue to print and all prints are fully waterproof.

fine detail

The price of the basic model is 2,699€ and a version that can scan and printer at the same time: The Da Vinci Color AiO is available on XYZprinting in more than 60 countries.

How does Da Vinci Colorwork?

Da Vinci Color uses Inkjet printing to produce 3D printed 3D copies of the same quality. Droplets of ink are glued with specially formulated 3D Color Inkjet PLA and are specially designed to absorb the ink.

This process enables XYZ colours to create 3D models. Prints of various colours when the combination between them. Da Vinci colour is available along with a spool of 3-D color-inkjet PLA and da Vinci INKjet Cartridges so you can start drawing full colours right out of the box. In addition to the normal XYZprint 3D printing, the colour is designed to be easy to use.

Features of the XYZ printing Da Vinci Color

full color models
[image from xyzprinting.com]

XYZ Color has a layer resolution of 0.1-0.4mm so you can print high-resolution photographs and more accurately low-resolution photos where minimum feature size is not a problem. The printer is simple to use with a 5′′ colour LCD monitor.

full color models
[image from xyzprinting.com]

The 3D colour inkjet PCLA is stronger compared to regular PLA so it is good for functional prototyping. It can resist great impact loads and is very easy to tool and also works well with adhesive materials.

Of course, you can print in FULL colour!!!! The Da Vinci Color is an excellent 3D printer. There is a small enclosure that keeps the extrusion processes from being disturbed and a seal of security is in place around this structure.

What is the full-colour printing process?

A complete Color 3D printer is capable of creating objects with photorealistic colours. This requires that the 3D printer can mix different forms of filament with ink for clear colours and gradients.

It is primarily known as indirect colour 3D printing because it applies the colour on the base material that is not pre-coloured before printing. It is also known by names indirect colour printing etc.

Overview of the best full-colour 3D printers in 2021

The Da Vinci colours use 3DColorJet technology in 3D printing full-colour objects. The 3D printer is equipped primarily with an infrared sandstone base powder.


color 3d
[image from mimakieurope.com]

Mimaki's 3DUJ-553-3D Printers use a UV LED light-curing technique. Inkjet printers can reproduce parts of more than 100,000 colours. The strength of the component is comparable to ABS 3DPrinted parts according to the manufacturer. The printer has resolutions of 20, 32 and 42 millimetres Mimaki explained.

uv light
[image from 3druck.com]

Mimaki is a company that makes traditional inkjet machines and the printer is meant for the professional sector. It features a build volume of 508 x 508 x 305mm and a resolution as low as 32 millimetres in 3D printed parts.


positioning precision
[image from aniwaa.com]

Stratasys J850 is an integrated full-colour 3D printing solution that delivers more transparency and flexibility. The J850 supports PANTONE validated colours for greater realism in prototypes. More than 500,000 colours are available you can use unlimited numbers of composite materials.

The build volume of the plate is 400-800 and the build area are 2 x 295 mm. It is not the only full-colour 3D printer made by the manufacturer, the J700 and J720 Dental 3D model the J750 Digital Anatomy permits the creation of ultra-realistic medical models.

ProJet CJP Series

positioning precision
[image from 3dsystems.com]

The PROJet CJP 250Plus creates photo-realistic parts in fully CMY colour with small feature details and the ability that full texture/UV mapping could be performed to assess the appearance. 3D Systems manufactures an integrated laser cutting device that supports laser scanning in low-temperature applications.

During manufacturing, it produces an integrated laser scanner that allows it to print up to. They vary according to their build volume with the biggest and most compact solutions with a build volume at 508 X 381 X 229mm.

Jet Fusion 380/580

color 3d printing
[image from aniwaa.com]

380/580 Series is the first HP machine series to offer fully coloured nylon-based components (CMYK). Based on Multi Jet Fusion, which combines a heat source with a Powder Binding Technology these two models are targeted toward product development teams, design studios and universities. The biggest difference between the 2 models 380 and 580 are its builds volume (190 x 254 x 248 VG. : 190 x 332 / 248). The production remains the same. To acquire HP printers you can expect a price from 50,000€ to 100,000€.

HP Jet Fusion

The HP Color 3D printing system uses unique bound products to fuse the powder to the plastic. The colour application is done on a scale of 3-D printing DNA called “voxel”. The engineers from HP first studied light and how to use it for the production of colour accurately 3D objects. Printing at the quality of standard 2 D printing. This allows you to achieve colour printing even on complex products. Due to new 3D printers built, 3D printers with HP can easily print intricate objects using their own software.

Desktop 3D printers for indirect colour 3D printing

single extruder
[image from store.printm3d.com]

CMYK ink is dropped onto the paper then die cut and fused with the next layer. The FDM3D printer is placed on top of an ink-absorbent filament and will then release water from the printer's filament prior to the application of the next layer of ink. The technology is impressive, although the results are fairly soft and translucent.

Multi Material Upgrade 2S

single extruder
[image from au.pcmag.com]

Prusa add-on lets you create five different colour printing filaments simultaneously. Available at €299 it only accepts various Prusa 3D printer types of the MK3 and MK3S as well as the Original Prusa i3 MK1200.

All colour layouts can be managed by using Slic3r PE software. You may also play on multiple colours or multiple materials simultaneously from standard ABS plastic filaments such as PLA PETG but also carrier plastic filaments such as PVA or BVOH. Prusa add-on is already in its second generation and costs €299.

Blended Creality Color FDM Setup

single extruder
[image from creality.com]

Blended Creality colour FDM printers use a dual-nozzle configuration. This means you can print in many different combinations of colours. The mixing occurs at the heating edge of the printer head. It's often used on double extrusion printing machinery. While technically accurate that information may be misleading considering that it does not differentiate from single-nozzle devices.

Blended-color FDM 3D printers offer new palettes of colours that mix with different filaments. It is less popular than separate colour 3D printing in part because it limits users to separate colours using the same materials. On-demand printing will be easy to customize.

Which is the best full-colour 3D printer?

Until recently, full-colour 3D printing was exclusive to expensive industrial additive manufacturing systems from brands such as Stratasys or 3D systems. Nowadays 3D printing has also been available for less than $5K. Fewer than ten 3D printing companies can print with a fully photorealistic colour. Best quality desktop PC printing for affordable pricing.

Flexible materials, rigid, large format colour designs.

Polyjet 3D printing technologies are arguably the most effective way of producing highly realistic 3D printed models in colour. It provides a new tool for prototyping and assessing designs that do not require that you commit to Vac Casting tooling or to paint and modelmaking.

Desktop 3D printers for indirect colour 3D printing

CMYK inks are dropped onto the paper then die cut and fused with the next layer. The FDM3D printer is placed on top of an ink-absorbent filament and will then release water from the printer's filament prior to the application of the next layer of ink. The technology is impressive, although the results are fairly soft and translucent.

Full-colour 3D printing vs. multicolour 3D printing

Multicolor refers also to full-colour 3D printing. For clarity, we will refer only to the multicolour for 3D printing for printers and accessories - which can produce 3D printing in a few colours. The form of printing is also known as printing in full colour because 3D printing is completed by printing the filament in one colour. The Prusa Multimaterial Add-on Mosaic Palette is a 3D printer in which print 3D print a variety and types of filament.

Material jetting

Material jetting is a 3D printing process that utilizes thermoplastics or other materials to create models, prototypes, parts and moulds. The three-dimensional objects are built layer-upon-layer with each new layer of material precisely added according to computer instructions translated from CAD drawings. Material jetting uses the fused deposition modelling (FDM) method where powdered material is melted, applied onto one another through a print head that moves on two axes x-axis & y-axis, finally heated into place under pressure for binding.

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