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3D printing is a technique of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printers follow computer-aided design (CAD) programs to create the object you want.

Best Sites For Print 3D FileBest Sites For Print 3D File

The printer reads your CAD program and builds it up in layers, following the instructions from the computer file.

There are many different types of materials with which to print: plastic, metal and more. Here we list some sites where you can download free STL files for 3d printing at home!

Where can I download 3D printable STL files?

Most 3d modelling repositories we have listed are completely or partially free so you don't need to spend much money to get amazing 3D models.

The best websites to download STL files for a 3D printer will help you create the maximum from your 3d printer and unleash your creative power.

Most people in this country may find something inspiring about another company or site but the possibilities are relatively high!

Most of these sites are totally free with most sites available for free or mostly subscriptions for 3D printable models for printers.

Our top 3D design websites for designers are here for your search. Let's see 3D printable models and 3d models for 3D printers!

Explore 3D printing model categories

3D models ready to run in-home print environments using desktop FDM or industrial SLS 3-D printing are available in many different formats, including OBJ – STL - This category covers printable 3D alien figures or monsters miniatures, tiny chess pieces, movie head masks, and accessories. Jewellery is the place where you can have bracelets and pendants or diamond tassel rings. There are all kinds of useful stuff available.

Full list of websites to download 3D printable files and 3D models

These lists websites containing free and paid STL files 3D models or 3D artwork.


free stl files
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The user of every level can upload 3D printable models for free on The site also presents several 3D design challenges.

The 3D file repository has a very active community interacting amongst the numerous discussions groups on the platform. Topics of these discussions can vary from specific 3D Printers to Star Wars RepRap and more.

The community is very active on Thingiverse. Many topics ranging from Star Wars to RepRap are addressed in the forums regularly.


free stl files
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Cults is a french 3D printing marketplace that was launched in 2014. This 3D print market is available in English, French and Spanish.

Users can use the site to interact together and share favourite 3D designs.

Cults also announced a 3D design option where users can request a customized model which a professional designer subsequently creates for a fee. Users can interact with other users.

My MiniFactory

free stl files
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My MiniFactory was launched in 2013 but was designed as an STL file repository for 3D printing designs. It guarantees that every 3D design on this repository can print to 100%.

The website is available in languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese.

The firm frequently hosts contests or checks every 3D model with the aid of a community of almost 100,000 people.


free stl files
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Yeggi is a popular search engine for 3D printed documents. I aggregate all models a variety of the best 3 D communities and marketplaces.

The user registers their favourite models and the account includes notifications when new updates appear.

It is also possible to use some basic filters to narrow the search for models to narrow the number of 3D files you have to search for and save the most common 3D model files.

The search engine has been releasing continuously since 2013 and is now online.


free stl files
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Pinshape was released in 2014 and offers free and premium models (3D print services) The site supports STL and OBJ format and ZIP files containing STL or OBJ files.

In 2016 the company purchased Formlabs after announcing its funds were running dry. They provide a compelling file sharing option that allows users to edit, slice and 3D print a 3D model directly from the site without downloading the model file.

The company offers many free and paid options for editing slicing and printing.


free stl files
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Designers worldwide are uploading their 3D drawings here that are shared and sold. Shapetizer manufactures, ships and markets.

The company also gives parts of its revenues to the 3D designer. Registered users may 3D print models for free, or not depending on the design.

Some 3D models can be only viewed via streaming or not for download. To protect the intellectual property of 3D designs, some models will be available only via the streaming option.


free stl files
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Threeding is a 3D printing marketplace that offers free and paid 3D printing models. You can download, share or add 3D model files.

All 3D creations are organised by category which can assist in research. There are filters that refine the searches in detail and users can also order their favourite 3D-printed model from the site.

Where can I print 3D models?

Upload a 3D model, or ask for help from a top designer. Choice of materials vs. finishing. So you have a branded print job. We will 3-D print and process your product.

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free stl files

Thingiverse beautiful iPhone 13 cases to protect the case from scratches. You can print them on flexible materials to fit your iPhone 13 and mini perfectly.

Download 3D models of the iPhone 13 Pro and Mini cases to print your iPhone or Mini models to print in 3D.

What is the best way to sell 3D models?

free stl files
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Many 3D file marketplaces allow users to publish their 3D models for sale on cgtrader. If a user downloads a 3D model the designer receives earnings (minus a component charge derived from the marketplace) 3D designers may use sharing of their models for free but in return, they ask for financial support.

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