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What Is 3D Print Prototyping?


Rapid prototyping

3D prototyping is a technique to iterate quickly and efficiently. Explore the technique in the guide below for building a product using 3D technology...

What Is 3D Print Prototyping?What Is 3D Print Prototyping?

The rapid prototyping method is a set of procedures for converting a computer-aided design (CAD) representation into a physical product.

It is rapid because the idea can be rapidly translated into a physical form. It is addictive, due to the way that successive layers of material are laid down until an object has been created.

3D prototyping can be used for functional and fit testing before moving into full production.The primary advantage of 3D printing is that it allows the designer to create objects that would be difficult or impossible to mass-produce using other methods.


rapid prototyping service

3d printing is the best way to develop new inventions at less expensive. Through developing your project you will gain access to a variety of resources. We will give a lot of tips for helping with 3D printing in a manufacturing process.

What is Rapid prototyping?

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Rapid prototyping tools like that from Stratasys can give it the flexibility to create, test and refine in ways you never thought possible so you have the ability to go to market faster.

And each time people avoid scraping their tools they can save eight or more weeks." He says 3D printing has changed the way the world deals. Learn why 3D-printed rapid prototypes are changing the world's way at the world that is changing business.

What is quick prototyping?

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Can you list the best materials for a good project? Get the details needed for a cost-efficient and perfect 3D printing prototype. A number of our best suggestions are given on how to find the best materials for your project and how to start out a prototype. Visit our website for 3D Design.

How do functional prototypes help?

Functional prototyping helps validate and test your product before it is released in the market. It also reduces the cost and risk of developing a new product or service.

Essentially, functional prototyping increases design quality by protecting engineers from costly rework later on.

functional prototyping

3D rapid prototyping process functional

concept models
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The rapid prototyping process is a sequence of steps to fabricate physical structure from a computer-aided design (CAD) model, typically by manufacturing or rapid additive manufacturing.

Functional prototyping is the process of creating a prototype that works, without worrying about the specifics of how it should work. For more information on see Functional Prototype. Because the concept may be quickly translated into a physical form, it is quick. It's addicting because successive layers of material are added until an item is completed.

Because it's never just a prototype.

Rapid prototyping enables designers and engineers to quickly and consistently perform revisions of their designs.  This saves time and money, since the most functional design can be produced early on in the product development cycle.

3D prototyping helps designers and engineers perfect their designs before they are manufactured by allowing for functional iterations of a new design before it is finalized.

Rapid prototypes service

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Voodoo manufacturing creates premium versions with simulated data and put your unique and impressive design into success. It holds some of the largest digitized printers in the country.

Your online prototyping service

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Our web instant order and pricing service for the rapid prototyping system is always available for you.

Upload your CAD data select one technology, material degree level and finishing degree and you're a perfect prototype.

Get a quick  Upload Instant Quote to get started.

Technologies & Materials

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State-of-the-art factory for 3D printing offers seven technologies or over 30 materials. Find your solution and combine it with the right combination of technologies materials and finishes. Tell us about our technologies Discover our products Discover how to printing 3D printers.

How do I 3D print a prototype?

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The utilisation from external 3D printing enables you to develop your prototypes. Utilizing a site such as Sculpteo could grant you an industrial source of information. After putting up your 3D model you upload the file onto software so that in a few days when you submit you'll have your 3D model printed out. Make a list of everything you'll need to do before 3D printing your prototypes. Here these steps are the steps to get a nice final product. It's important to help customers improve their manufacturing process.

Plastic 3D printed prototypes

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From an office to the manufacturing floor 3D printer produce a wide array of plastic concept models, precision functions prototypes master patterns and real enviromental parts to streamline your manufacturing processes and streamline.

More addictive and subtractive processes

Nylon-printed materials are used for batch manufacture functional testing rapid prototyping high heat chemistry. Perfect for prototypes rapid prototypes master schemes snap-fit assemblies and form-and-fit tests.

Product development process

Production complex geometries that are impossible with subtractive technologies and a varied alloy will occur. Design dynamic full-colour concepts, architectural models and display models. Metal or rapid prototypes that are constructed up using final production material can be produced via CNC machining. Nylon print available to produce batches.

Flexible Material Choices

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Users are available in a variety of materials including ABS , PLA, PETG , ASA , PC, thermoplastic and nylon. Practically, this choice means that creators can try different materials when they want to start production. Most importantly it will print at the same machine using every sort of filament to be tried by the user.

The ability to experiment with different materials may be extremely helpful for prototyping purposes of a part of a product such as a particular component is better suited for a particular sys. The technology used by businesses and customers has also become widespread.

Additional On-Demand Additive Manufacturing Services

Using 3D printing can create fabricated metal components which are simply not possible with a traditional manufacturing method.

Create lighter, strong structures and deliver new capabilities. Use plastic and 3D printing to create virtually any kind of product used: manufacturing, prototyping. To obtain the qualities you desire, use materials and 3D technologies that are made of and utilize.

Reduced costs

On average one prototyping item starts at £100. The price gradually goes up. Having 3D printers in place enables companies to achieve a comparable result in less time.

What should I check first?


During the selection of your material, you will be required to review many aspects. For example, if you have to create a metal object a plastic model would be attractive.

To make it cheaper would one start the prototype in plastics and then switch to metal 3-D printing after the final verifications. If walls are too thin the file could not print or fail and is counterproductive.


Our extensive product line of 3D printing materials addresses the broadest range of applications including additive manufacturing. Plastic, Elastomeres, Composite, Waxes and metals of a greater diversity and types.

Upload the file now for free if you have an.stl file

Upload System - taking the Price Online Quote into account is the fastest possible way to get a quote for your project. We can also request a manual review within work hours if you need our eye on your product. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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